Post themed gyms


What did he say


He hasn’t responded yet. We are same team so I still said it nice. Then I told him the two other gyms in area I just got knocked out of so he could turn them back blue


It worked. Makes my job a little easier in the morning.


If there was a withdraw feature it would be easy to fix. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We have pretty good community here so it all works out pretty nice. I’m friendly with most of Red Team members and Yellow Team is coming around.


That’s good.


Yeah, or a feature where you can choose which one to attack, and so help to clean up


Made 4 gyms have all same 4 pokemon, Dragonite,Snorlax,Metagross and Salamence pretty funny all 4 have same


Pity the game doesn’t recognise Pickachu with hats as different so another Pokemon with Baby plus 2 evolutions had to be chosen.


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