Post information that you find!


This is a thread that you can post stuff such as info on PVP, a certain pokemon, etc.

Example: I just found out that (pokemon) 100% IV at level (number) is (cp)!


Got it


I only know what you guys tell me.




100% drifblim is 1497 cp at lvl 22


100% maxed out Venusaur is 2720 cp


100% level 15 ‘karp is 117 cp
100% level 15 espeon is 1358 cp


I do not see the relevance of this topic. I much rather search it up on or somewhere else what can be a Hundo and what can’t.


If at least they would post “rare” information which is not at hand of everybody…
In this moment seems to be another way to push the statistics.


A L40 Mewtwo with confusion and Shadow Ball has more DPS on a level 2 electabuzz raid than a level 27 Mud slap/Earthquake golem



That could get blankspots all over the map.


I had no idea this was going on someone posted it on our local Discord



It’s about time


mr mime and smeargle are together so maybe smeargle will replace mr mime as a regional