Pokemon with 2 charge moves


It more or less shows how much is the Pokemon worth to you. Do you invest and work for it?


100k dust is too much, even for my cherished 100IV Mewtwo and Kyogre
I dont gain dust too quickly


That’s why time is part of the investment, and it’s something that’s permanent, especially for 100% IV Pokemon. You also got to weigh it against what you plan on using the Pokemon against in the future.

For instance, my 93% IV Lugia is going to have Future Sight and Sky Attack once I’m ready to make that investment. There are at least three Pokemon I know of that will or may become Raid Bosses that is double-weak to Flying, and it learning Future Sight as well broadens its usefulness against other Fighting-types as Raid Bosses. It’s a matter of knowing the moves, what you plan on using them for, knowing what’s coming up and strategizing based on those. To me, 100,000 Stardust and 100 Candy is not all that harsh considering it’s 20 km just to get one candy as a Buddy, 1,000,000 Stardust to trade for unobtained Legendaries at first, not to mention the relative rarity of these Legendaries to begin with.

It’s an investment, and like all investments, you need to weigh the risks as opposed to just balking at the price. It’s your Pokemon though, so I’m not going to force that upon you–not that I could but you know what I mean–so everything is your decision.


Gave 1 crunch and the other Outrage. I use those way more than Hydropump.


One with Hydropump and crunch? Another with Hydropump and Outrage?


What do you think of Alola Pokémon? Especiallytbe Marowak & Raichu?


Alolan Marowak looks good for ultra league (underpowered mewtwo)


I still need Aloan Marowak for quest because need Cubone for next stage.


^ the elusive mother fricker^


The Golem is nice too


I’ll Sweep Gyms just that little bit quicker now. Only cost me one TM to change Flamethrower to Focus Blast