Pokemon memes yah


Just realized my dog looks like Never Ending Story dog


Recently watched that movie :joy:



I’m the last guy that still plays at work. But you can still see 3 gyms from where I work. The amount of turnover in those gyms is ridiculous. No one can deny this game is dead just by watching those 3 gyms. I’ve never been able to keep one a whole shift.


People say the game is dead as the fym at their house is being taken over :joy:


Maybe it’s because I’m not english native speaker, but I really don’t understand where’s the joke

And really, I have no need to understand


You probably dont want to


Really, it’s a bad way of understanding humor.
Machism, putting dowm women,… what has this to do with humor?

And I think the best will be, we don’t go on in this theme. Maybe someone has a good meme and so I can forget the bad savour I have…


looks like im deleting since no one understands


Oh, I understand very well, but it was a bad idea…

Thank you, the first step to grow is understanding when you have made a fault :grin:
Really I apreciate your decision.




Well it means that he will lick you





Whoa what have you done


Kind of wants to flag it, but not sure if



What profesor willow’s lab looks like now.


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