Pokemon guessing game



Ah. Melmetal.


I thought that too but is it so good?


I’ve just read an article which said that Melmetal could easily go toe to toe with Metagross, but doesn’t because it has such a bad moveset. So I’m not sure.


Yes, it call wall lots of things and can even beat Lugia


So it was Melmetal?




It is impossible to solo me when you raid me. OK, maybe the hardcore players can solo me, but even for those players it will probably be too hard to do.






This Pokémon should be in a battle royale game
(at least in my opinion)


Umm Machamp? wot


Guard swap should be in Pokemon go. Shuckle would OHKO 1 Pokemon and then it dies for its horrible Defense then lol


Low speed means instant death anyways




Yup to Machamp?




Tfw you pretty much randomly guess a Pokemon out of the 807 and get it right on the first try
Ok, lets do an easier one:
my legacy moves make me the best dragon type in PvP






I used to be a really good pokemon but there are now better options for my type