Pokemon Go Plus


i never leave the house without it - seriously - theres a myth it tracks distance better and to some extent it kinda does on my anecdotal experience


Out of the last 8 Pokemon I’ve encountered this pogo plus caught 1. This type of thing happens all the time. The catch rate on this thing is absolutely ridiculous. I regret this stupid thing.


Sense I posted this it’s happened again. This is pathetic I mean what have I paid $40 for? This is junk. I know your just trying to scam me into paying for poke balls so I’ll never spend a sent on them. Get this catch rate fixed please. Its horrible.


I’ll post you some data I have when I did my own study on over 1000 Pokemon encounters with my Go Plus.
It may take me a while to find it as it was several months ago now.


Has anyone tried the Go plus from Wish?


All Go Pluses will be the same no matter where you get them from, or are you suggesting the Gotcha which is made by some one else and is not endorsed by Niantic?

Ok @mythrield90 found my daily logs.
I originally bought the Go Plus mainly for spinning stops to and from work to keep the bag topped up. I thought it was crap for catching at first as my first lap around the block at home had 7 Dust Off in a Row. When I thought about it more I thought if have it set for both Pokemon and Stops to and from work what does it matter what Pokemon get away as I wasn’t catching them manually anyway due to stopping, spinning the stop and driving off straight away anyway.
This was done earlier in the year when it was easy to work out XP and Dust Values as every thing was only worth 100 Star Dust. You couldn’t do it easy now as you would have to account for every stage evolution Dust value caught and now the whether match bonus. XP is still easy as it only throws normal throws with basic catch.
I did this over 18 days (4 weeks) using the Go Plus to and from work as well as using it at work where Red Balls permitted (work use was only done to help get the sample size over 1K). The biggest issue was not having enough Red Balls to use it more and regular recording the logs from the journal. A few times I missed some data as my encounters had exceeded the journal capacity to see results.

1308 Pokemon Encounters
749 Caught @ 57%
569 Dusted @ 43%
112350 XP from Catches
14225 XP from Dusted
126575 Total XP Gained
74900 Star Dust

You would never buy a Go Plus/Gotcha to replace having to swipe the screen throwing balls as that’s just crazy. It is a great add on accessory that when used in situations where playing normally is not possible can help collect Star Dust and XP to accelerate leveling up as my results above show. The Star Dust alone is enough reason to be using one.
No way would I be on L40 now without the Go Plus.


Thinking about the ones for 14-18 $. They dont look official. None Nintendo seal of approval.


I don’t know how you got those numbers. I tested this thing on 100 mon and caught 40. As a matter of fact every time my numbers got close to reaching 50% the plus would start missing like crazy. Like for instance let’s say I caught 11 out of 23. 1 more catch and it would be 50%. The plus was sure to miss the next 3 to 4 mon I encountered. This was a consistent pattern so forgive me for calling bull crap on your numbers. I don’t believe this thing will ever even touch 50% catch rate much less 57


So bitter. Great sample size for a test/study.
Well done :+1:


I’ll go ahead and do a 1000 test study but it won’t make a difference. Your lying straight up and I’m positive of that. Everyone I’ve talked to has said the same. Catch rates are bad but I will say that’s the only flaw I can find except for the connection problems with android. Its a great device but I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. Just because of the catch rate. I mean I paid a lot for this thing I feel like I deserve better for my money.


Bad luck for you, results are real.
I recommend more lemons.