Pokémon Go new features or updates expected in 2019


8 months have passed and Niantic only added new types of lure module, a way to boost IV by purification (only 2 points and not for already caught Pokemon) and Team Rocket. Step it up, Niantic! There’s so much more to do!


Could it be that after 3 years of watching how new features affected their bottom line (like whether the usage and/or revenues increased or decreased proportionally in response to changes like friends, trading, pvp, raid hours, raid weeks, etc) caused Niantic to adjust how much they invest in changes, versus how much they invest in new games or Go Fests?


Legendaries in gyms would totally remake the landscape of taking and keeping gyms, which would have massive ripple effects on the distribution of gym-defense coins, which would directly affect their real-world revenue.

Letting Legendaries be used to take gyms is big enough, given the huge advantage they have in performance against the currently dominant Pokémon like Slaking, Metagross, or Blissey. (Imagine the team you have to knock out of a gym consisting of Groudon, Dialga, Mewtwo, Kyogre, Raikou, and Moltres… Yikes.)


Still less powerful than Blissey though


All have their weakness that can be taken down quickly with the right counters.
The only difference might not being able to sweep through a full Gym of 6 without some casualties along the way.
Jump in, win, jump out, revive rinse and repeat until the Gyms down. Wont take much longer than a Gym full of big Blissey, Chancey, Snorlax, Slaking, Metagross, Gyarados in any order.


I cared enough about the feature in question to consider your position / reasoning and offer my own for contrast, but not enough to enter into debate over it. Unless either of us has some influence over Niantic’s decision whether to let Legendaries defend gyms, then let me just thank you for the exchange and let both of us get on with more worthwhile pursuits…


thinks its waste of time to continue
writes an entire paragraph about just that




rather than write 4 more paragraphs in an attempt to persuade on a matter that will ultimately mean nothing to anybody but us.


It wouldnt need to be 4 paragraphs, I wanted to know why do you believe legendaries are somehow special or more powerful


I think we’ll get Galarian forms when Sword and Shield come out just as we got Alolan forms when Sun and Moon got released.


For sure! They won’t let this possibility for cross-promotion pass unused. And I’m really looking forward to these :heart_eyes:


We should get new Mythical too like we did with Meltan.


Jirachi is coming tomorow bro


Tomorrow??? Where did you read that?


Look at the tweets, its a countdown


Oh haha. But I thought it was the Lion King that was coming…


Oh and they are late, 30 minutes late, with their countdown tweets.


Almost two hours
“lets start a countdown and do nothing lmao”


Unova Stone is coming:

range of new features coming also:


I need to see the moveees
Edit: anybody knows where to find these?