Pokémon GO Halloween 2019


Mine was a 2-star as well. So disappointing. :frowning:


Mine from last year is a 2-star too


I did a Squirtle raid tonight and got Spiritomb today, so I’m done with the event. Just going for Litwick and Yamask candy now


Its not like a 100% is very usefull… Its a dex filler.


My Spiritomb is a two-star too but I don’t care.


I got a 3-star


Both mine are 3 stars


All my one chance only Special Reserch Rewards last year were rubbish like that. Quite deflating isn’t it?

This year has been more pleasing.


Never had a 2 star as far as I can remember, until know.


My first costumed starter! They don’t appear very often. Even raids have become rarer. I’ve been waiting for 6 hours for a raid to appear in one of 3 gyms nearby and nothing.


Most tier 1 Raids have been Squirtles here.


Yeah, I’ve read that the Halloween raids aren’t dropping often for people. We don’t have that issue here in San Diego. They drop WAY more than I want them to, to be honest. lol


Now that Ive got a 96% Darkrai I might spend 3 orange passes on the costume Pokémon


I just got 1 of each. Can’t think of a reason to spend a raid pass for more.



Spawn are nerfed again. 2 out of 9 on nearby… :man_facepalming:


My Darkrai luck has been horrendous, 20 raids and I’ve only caught one and it isn’t even a good one. :sleepy:


At least you have one. I’m still at 0. Haven’t encountered a group big/strong enough to beat Darkrai. :sob:


I can’t care for Darkrai. I’m just spending my Raid Passes on the Costumed Kanto Starter Raids, hoping for a Shiny. I will spend a Raid Pass on Darkrai when I accidentally find a Raid group though, but I’m not going to search for them.


My Halloween costume Pokemon collection is complete! :smiley: