Pokémon GO Halloween 2019


I think this is the reason…


Yamask isn’t as common as Drfloon was last year, but I’m OK with that. It still spawns plenty.

Also loving the Litwicks! I’m saving my lone Unova stone for a good Chandelure.


I got Pikachu this morning. Also did Charmander raid this morning, and Bulbasaur last night. So all I need to find is Squirtle.


This is a nice reward from the special research.


Jealous. lol … Chandelure is a personal fave. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to finish using 108 berrries before I get 8 Great throws. Lol


If it was 8 great throws in a row, I’d agree.

But for this streaks don’t matter, and I suspect you’ll get 8 random greats before your hundredth berry-assisted catch.


I think I will empty my stack for those damn berries.


That said, I’ve seen reports showing that one of the Halloween event’s field research tasks is 'make 5 excellent throws in a row". If I draw that one, it’s going straight to the trash. For me, 2 excellents in a row would be unusual. 3 in a row would be amazing. 4 in a row, exceedingly unlikely. And 5 in a row, just plaim ridiculous.


Agreed. Any “X excellent throws in a row” tasks are ridiculous.


Practice makes perfect. On most legendarys they are almost easy.


Greats, yes. Excellents, not so much. At least for this less-than-worthy trainer, though. (Groudons were especially good for finishing the Spinda task’s 5-greats-in-a-row.)


The average Joe just throws it away, and so do I. Not wasting my time. Rather do some other task. 3 excellent throws is doable, but not in a row. I trow them by accident, not skilled enough to trow them on command.


I got my 8th great throw on catching the reward Sablye, so it all worked out. Now that it isn’t part of the quest, I’ve been throwning a bunch of greats.


I never got so much throws in a row lol, I hope I will one day.

Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox


So far this event is great in my opinion, both Litwick and Yanmask are spawning, but not overwhelmingly, which is expected.

You can get rare Pokémon, stardust, and rare candy from the research tasks, which suit different players’ needs


Just watch the video, shared the tweet because I can’t post a vid without using a host. :blush:


Niantic, if there ever was an event you would not mess up I thought it would be Halloween… I was wrong.
Seriously, a 2 star reward as for a Special Research???


[Place here a random bunch of swearwords]


Is there anyone that has caught a female Pikachu with mimikyu costume?


Did it have a flower hat? Maybe it’s in an Eevee disguise now.