Pokèmon Go Gym Coins


Hi. I am a person with autism (no joke, it is a fact) and I read the first message wrong. Now I can understand what you tried to say. Please be a bit more direct, us people with autism appreciate that. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you tried to tell this, but it will be mistaken when autistics read it and it is not direct enough.

Please don’t see this as an attack on you or anything like that


I’m pretty sure there is a fifty coin cap no matter how long it has been in the gym.


I got my 50 coins at 12:42 this morning. I will get no more coins regardless of how many more Pokemon get knocked out of gyms before midnight tonight. If any I still have left get knocked out after midnight tonight, they will get coins credited for tomorrow. My daughter is Autistic. Was that direct enough for you?


Me too but my English is too bad to understand what he’s saying😅


It was. Thank you