Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion



If we see any moves getting buffed before/during the Halloween event there’s a high chance that they are buffing moves to take out Slaking kind of like how all moves got an extreme buff before gen 2 was released to counter Blissey. So in theory, if we see any moves getting buffed we can assume Gen 3 will be released within that week.


Well, i believe that gen 3 should be relatively soon since i made this discovery: New berries and weird item found in GAME_MASTER


Es heißt das sie an Halloween kommt. Dad eäre cool am besten mit doppelt wp event


Well, there’s no doubt about the gen 3 release date. You may enjoy your Halloween.


@apavlinovic you may close this topic and start ‘gen 4 discussion’


I think we will wait until after Gen 3 is out for a few days before we get ahead of ourselves.


I’m waiting for the gen 3 trailer from The Pokemon Company.


October 27th date mostly confirmed as initial gen 3 release!


@Elevatorisbest is it possible for @JoshHack to start over Pokemon GO now? (Re-capture ~240 Pokemon and 135 new Pokemon)
Since you’re unable to capture any legendaries, you may give some advices to @JoshHack.


So, i think that it’s worthless to start all over again from this moment, especially if you got at least few great pokemon’s, and my solution for legendaries, is to check as much legendary raids as possible, without using raid pass.


@JoshHack maybe you should only capture top tier Pokemon and legendaries to save you time.


I think an inventory increase is definitely needed at some point this year. With all the new gens and legendaries it only makes sense.


I bet gen 3 will be released on 13th December - my birthday as well as the following day when Ho-oh stop appearing.


My thoughts right now are that Gen. 3 will arrive 13th December, when the Ho-oh Raids will be gone.


The release date is rather close. Who bet gen 3 will be released on or before 16/12?


Let’s get our tickets and get hype train on route to gen 3 :slight_smile:


I think gen should realies at new year 1st January


I say on 12/15 because Ho-oh ends on 12/14 at 5 pm EST.


Ninantic announced gen 3 is coming this week with first 50 Pokemon’s of gen 3


Guys when do you think the rest will come?