Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion



I bet that typical niantic will drop 3rd generation somewhere in january, first off they need to focus on trading.


Lolz, money making scheme. Make a Go Plus to look like a z-ring.


I reckon it will release the 15/12/2017.

Not sure though.


That’s a pretty specific date to be unsure about.


I keep hearing the YTs say that its coming in the next couple of weeks. I dont think thats true. Gen 3 need abilities. Also theres the fact that the battle cries have not been added. Only the names have been added. Theres still things that need to be done for Gen 3 to be released. Im not saying i wouldn’t like it, just that it doesn’t look likely.


I don’t know why but I have this gut feeling that we will see a big update this wednesday and Gen3 right after that! I think everyone was surprised by the Equinox event and somehow I think Niantic wants to keep the updates going.

Some indicators from my personel experience:

  • I hatched 5 Tyrogue from my last 2km eggs, a Pokemon (and evolutions) I think a lot of casual players are still missing in their dex.
  • Chansey, Larvitar and Mareep are also rares that general players still need candy for to evolve into their final form.
  • 3x XP for new Pokemon will also motivate casual players to finish their pokedex.
  • The 4th big content update for this year has still to come after Gen2 (Feb.), Raids (June) and Legendaries (July).


By the time when gen 3 release, I’d like to see 50% discount of expending pokebox being available once again.


More important will be, that you can expand it greater than 1000


Perfect guess!:grinning: At this moment my pokebox has 700 spaces and I’m holding 748 pokecoins. If the discount will be offered, I’ll be able to expend my pokebox amounted to 1000 spaces.


I have 1000, but allways at 950 mon’s begins the fight which has to go.
I would be much more happy, if I could charge some more.


I think so when considering to store all Pokemon from gen 1 to gen 7. The capacity of pokebox might be a possible issue. (Not even counting if all shiny variants will be released in the future)


And think of players like me, I store a mon of every gender, so this multiplies (not by 2, but nearly)


Let’s calculate: The final evolution of each Pokemon family (~450)×Two genders(2)×Shiny Pokemon(2)+additional forms of pokemon similar to Unown(~50) = (~1850) spaces required


1580 is more realistic, there are too much species with only one gender (or without)

But in any case we will need more than 1000, and what we count are only to fullfill our own special Pokedex. We have to add the doubles we need for the fighting parties, for the defense parties, the special ones, the ones we will never throw away, the 0 PC, the Max PC, the 100%IV, …

I think in the end we will need more than 2000


It’s fine for me with 1000 spaces of pokebox since I don’t collect Pokemon for both genders.


Today not, but maybe tomorrow you change your mind. Imagine they enter special rules for breeding…


2000 spaces… I will never achieve it. If no discounts are offered, we will need 8000 pokecoins to expend the pokebox !!!


:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: Don’t be desperate… it’s only a problem of time. Look how many time they have spent to include 2 generations. We are working with them more than a year, so 7 generations could need 2 or 3 years more (or even more). So there are plenty of time to gain this pokecoins.


Nanh. We’re not only required to expend the pokebox but the item bag as well. (Don’t forget that more items for example evolution items, berries, TMs etc. may be introduced in the future)


So with the current server outage and the forced update of 0.75.0 yesterday I am quite sure we will see Generation 3 this week! Next week at the latest!