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Thanks for the response, yeah the hatch distance is pretty cool as well as the raid bonus!


Even in a game setting, it’s illegal to post false numbers. My husband works in dev ops for a major company, and that’s a MAJOR NO-NO!! That being said, I am aware of the fact that Instinct does have a huge-turnover rate when it comes to its members. In Denver, we have a pretty stable balance between the three teams, and some people even switched to Instinct to stabilize the balance as Valor and Mystic had too strong of a presence.

Like I said, even if the numbers are closer to 1 million, the goal is still very doable. The problem with giving ratio-oriented goals to each team is that it can go the either way. Mystic and Valor were quite easily able to get their goals done. If they were given the same ratio as Instinct was, the goals could be MUCH more inflated, closer to 25 or 30 million. Would that be fair to them?

Niantic likely saw Instinct’s numbers and figured to make a very doable goal for them and simply keep it even. That sounds perfectly fair to me because that would mean they catered it specifically with Instinct in mind.


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