Pokémon GO event discord


one sec ill take screenshots how to


Click the group then at top says invite, then set the share link to never expire.image


I did the link I posted works


Had to copy/paste it manually. In now


Sorry accidently made 1 of 1 day


I still can’t




Are you going to join @Pokemon


I can’t




You still never said why you can’t join


incase the other link doesn’t work, i have remade one that will never expire:


I used my local Discord to let people know that were getting ready to go to work that roads still suck and are covered in ice.


I need 1 more member for a next event
Anyone wanna join?


I can’t get discord for some reason




10 members!
To celebrate that we have a HOENN RAIDING COMPETITION, do you do a lot of raids? Join and become the: KING OF HOENN!!!


We need more members!
Always wanted to win an AR prize?
AR competition coming soon!


We need more members!
If we hit 15, there will be an event!
10/15 we are now


We are welcoming all people to this Discord we have five God link who can answer all your questions is it worth checking out trust me we always have contests for events that are going on