Pokedex number guessing contest


@cup did you see the new rules?


No I did not


They are at the beginning of the topic


I actually changed the whole topic
but since the original idea was too hard I just replaced this with my new idea


So I say the name of the Pokemon and someone tries to guess the number of it or I say the number and someone tries to Guess the Pokemon


No it’s like this:Number Guessing Challenge!
but the top 2 people who were closest have to try and guess what Pokemon has that Pokedex number and whoever is closer can think of another number and do that again


Okay so I would say number 215 and someone has to guess what Pokemon it is


For example I think of a number (131)
that is lapras’s pokedex number
Now you can just guess a random number like 132
and user1 will guess 130
and user2 will guess 200
you user1 and you were closest so you both guess what Pokemon has the Pokedex number of 131
user1 say Greninja
you say Gyarados
neither were correct but gyerados is closer to pdex number 131 and you said gyerados so you win


Okay I understand what you’re saying now who’s going to start


I thought of a number you can just say a random one






when do you think I should end the challenge?






Ok you can guess a number


it’s 1 to 807 you can guess higher




I know who #500 is! EMBOAR!



these are the rules