Pokedex completion and trading webapp

Added shadow/purified control, with filrters and completion percentage. Also added info button per pokedex entry to pokemon gameinfo. Enjoy!!

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iPhone SE version 2

Idea: 0% IV Pokemon?

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Hi, I am not able to reproduce it, because although i can emulate it, the browser of the emulator doesn’t reproduce the error. Still i have uploaded a patch that might solve the issue. Just try and check if it is already fixed :slight_smile:

This is something i already studied to add with de hundo check, but by now, like adding male/female, seems to have almost zero interest to be used. Still is something that if in the future is asked by a portion of people, it will be added.

Added help button, how to start using myPokemonGoPokedex

Added share pokedex link button. Now in your user panel, you have avilable your pokedex link, so you can share it with your friends and show them your registered and shiny pokedex.

This is mine, as an example :slight_smile:


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I had a bad experience today…
First I had introduced the first generation, by the way I use the spanish version of your web/program.
Later I read your help-notes about hundos, purified, etc., but I found no way to mark them.
Then I thought ‚Äúmaybe this functions are only in the english version‚ÄĚ. So I changed, and really appeared the + sign on the top left of every icon.
But what a surprise, all my introduced Pokémon-Data had disappeared.
Rapidly I went back to the spanish version, but sadly there as well all data had been erased.

Now I’m very affraid that maybe with your next change in the web could happen the same again…

Hi, tranks for your feedback. Will check what happened.

All chacked, find no extrange behaviour in any test. Once you are registered, data is saved without any problem. And if you register with data checkd, that data is saved also properly. Just if checkd and refresh without register then that data is lost.

Added pvp button to check best IVs for every pokemon with stadiumgaming.gg

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Nice try for a Pokemon Go pokedex management website.

It would just be fine even if you will be the only one who might find use for it for a while, until someone will have same needs like yours, then there will be a new user for your work.

I do like thinkering stuff like this if I have the luxury of time.

Anyway, how would someone use this? Do they need to sign up? And then encode their inventory?

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Exactly, that’s the problem. You have to introduce and actualize your Pokedex manually.

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