PoGo + Battery Life <2 days...any help?


I just received a new plus on Saturday and have been playing around with it.
I used it for less than an hour on Saturday, and maybe a couple of hours Sunday and then the device was dead Sunday night. We thought maybe the battery was dead from being in a storage facility, so okay whatever.
Replaced the battery (with Energizer brand) on Monday Jul 30th evening, and it is now dead Wednesday Aug 1 morning.

Anyone else experience this crazy battery drain or know what is wrong?


I had a similar effect in the beginning, and thought it was the battery. Because when I changed it, it worked again.
Until I learned that in my case changing the battery is the same as reset the unit.
Maybe it works for you as well. Take out the battery for some seconds, and put the same inside again.
Since then I have allways a screwdriver in my pocket.


As said ^. Pull battery out, put Battery back in and away you go again.
I’m a daily long play time Go Plus user and I get weeks-months out of Energizer Batteries.


I have played Pokemon go for a long time… battery status on my 4 months old phone:

“Maximumcapaciteit” translates to maximum [battery] capacity


Thanks guys, I will pull the battery out when I get home tonight! Fingers crossed that it works!