Players in your area


There is one 18+ km from my place, that’s about it.




Irony- long ago :roll_eyes: I used to spend every May-July with friends in Belmont, Cali. Almost moved out there last year, sigh.


Sorry bout that. You still friends with them?


Trinidad and Tobago West Indies


Be safe meeting people.


True. For a second I though I would meet @Luna_Kit:joy::joy::joy:


I feel like such a dummy. I was too busy posting on here and Discord, I totally let Instinct take the only gym I can see from my house.:pensive:


Lol… It’s okay as @Jormdeworm is instinct!


But he’s Instinct in Europe, not 'Merica. Living in West Virginia, I almost feel like, “just take it. I don’t really want to keep it.”
(Then I just take it back a few hours later on my way to work.)


Lol have fun with your that army😅


I don’t have problems if @bobbyjack8 takes over the Instinct gym.


Woke up this morning and Mystic already took the gym back. Now all I have to do is add monsters.


Philadelphia, PA


Wellington, Florida (U.S.A) over here :taco::+1::grin:


@Steve, @Lucario is also in Florida!


Im back in LA!


The only person on GO Hub that lives near me is @Punica.


You could get a lucky from him! Why isn’t he on Go Hub anymore?


Maybe 5GoneLink gave him an idea…
Bad joke