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Dang, I need to do more trades!








@Robdebobrob how much distance do you have from my eggs



Got arround 600.000 now. Most came from a player that went on vacation. But arround 100.000 must have come from @Pokemon


around 620k. still working on it. it’s quite the choir if you don’t travel much



:disappointed: I feel your pain. My daughter can’t access her acount right now since we got her Mew. She has no friends or Celebi.


Im ok with it as it’s just a medal. It’s only not being able Trade for the chance of a better or perfect Pokémon that makes me Salty.


Just got silver today. Still long way to go for gold.



Not a huge priority for me so most trades are done between myself & the better half with the help of overseas friends (@Pokemon :upside_down_face:) and family. The added bonus of lucky mons also helps!
Looking forward to hitting gold on this & the gentleman though.


3 more pokemon from me should do it


I earned mine a few weeks ago
Just trade overseas eggs, my case hatching eggs from Australia and trading it with my partner.


Went to London a few times this year, and France as well…