Palkia Moveset Discussion


What about as a water attacker?


I mean, decent if you just want to aid in a raid (like against Fire Blast Groudon) but otherwise, there are better choices


Good stat but medicore movesets


As of now, Palkia has no water fast move, I doubt it could even compete with WF/HP Gyarados as water type attacker.




Sadly, it’s true. The lack of any Water-type Fast-move option for Palkia does impede its ability to be a well-rounded Water-type attacker. It does look to remain that way unless Game Freak decides to alter its moveset for the core games in upcoming Generation releases.


It needs Liquidation


Niantic screwed up again! They just announced like 50 new moves for pokemon, but none for Togekiss, and not a good one for Ho-Oh, forgot if there was one, but what about Palkia!!


What? Again?


I think he’s talking about the new movesets that were given to the Pokemon as part of the rebalancing. In that regard, he’s a whole two weeks late.

The thing is Ho-Oh CAN NEVER learn a good consistent Fire-type fast move according to the current movepool from Gen 7 games, so I have no idea why people keep asking for move that it CANNOT learn.

As for Togekiss, Fairy Wind isn’t even in the game file yet, and I imagine it will later, but for now, we will have to deal with it. Fairy Wind is literally the only move that COULD be a fast type move now, unless they redo a current one like Disarming Voice.

As for Liquidation, it’s far too powerful of a move to be considered a Fast-type move since it boasts an attack power of 85 in the main series games. It’s only hope is a Water-type Hidden Power.


Its only 5 points above Waterfall though
And Iron Tail has 100


It’s a fair point, but Iron Tail is impeded by its accuracy which is why I’m thinking they made it a fast move.


Zap Cannon would be a fast move too then
But Iron Tail is meant to be a slow, strong an inaccurate move, so it being a fast attack opens the gate for Liquidation


Zap Cannon is outweighed by its overall power.

I may be grasping at straws, but odds don’t look good for a fast Water-type move for Palkia. The fact we got Hidden Power at all for Ho-Oh was crazy.


What do you mean it CANNOT “learn” it? Is the software implementation that complicated? Or is Niantic contractually obligated to maintain a consistency with the Pokemon console games that is too fastidious to permit it?

OR… are you saying this is real, not software?


Niantic pulls their move selections from an existing movepool that is current as of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This can include moves learned by level up, tutoring, breeding, or TM. In a sense, Nintendo and Game Freak have a say in what moves a Pokemon can learn in Pokemon GO, by permitting only moves from an established movepool.

I predicted Palkia’s predicament long before Palkia was released, even before we knew the movesets in the gamemaster file, simply because I looked up Palkia’s movepool on Bulbapedia, which has the complete movepool for Palkia, not to mention many other Pokemon. It’s also how I know that several future Legendaries will have the same predicament unless new moves are thrown into the gamemaster soon.


Thanks for 'splaining that. My experience of the game has been from the standpoint of an old software developer, not that of an old Pokemon player. So some of the game constraints have seemed unnecessary or even unreasonable. In light of what you’ve described, it’s apparent that Niantic doesn’t have much room (if any) to add or change features.

Has PoGo deviated from strict conformance to the old game in ways that you long-time Pokemon players have noticed? If they’ve been faithful in every way, they leave little room for anybody to hope for anything to be different in the future…


It’s very possible that Nintendo and Game Freak has given them very strict guidelines to adhere to. Nintendo is extremely protective of their assets, and they won’t risk a third-party developer going gung-ho with one of their properties. How this will reflect in the future is anyone’s guess.

This will certainly NOT keep them from adding more moves to the gamemaster, but it will maintain consistency on just where the moves will be applied.