Number Guessing Challenge!


From here on out, if you have to guess between 1-10, my guess will be 3. Anything higher than that will be 69.


Another roundup for me:
@Pokemon 2500
@MrHeineken88 3909
@ProGamer21 2153
@SnivyStar 465
@Lingyujie 1590
@Brobraam 7231
@KingQ07 234
@Kevin_v_Hoften 7769
@5GodLink 9005
bobbyjack8 69
Cup 6969


man wit the plan


I hate butch lol


Ok you can just stay the same lol


im thinking of a number between 1 and 200. i predict the winner will get a shiny in the next 24 hours. good luck!


99 here!


The previous one hasn’t even ended.


Hurry up if you want to choose a number; I’ll reveal the answer in a few minutes!




CORRECT! you will get a shiny in the next 24 hours


Alright, here we go:


The one who was the farthest away from my number, is @bobbyjack8. Good luck next time. :four_leaf_clover:


The winner is:



Congrats! You are the closest to my number!

The real answer is:



What??? Wow @SnivyStar is a god :sunglasses:.


He almost always loses :rofl:


Whoa @Kevin_v_Hoften was close ! :sunglasses:


What the hell! I just guess!