Nominations in Pokemon GO only appear in Ingress, it makes no sense



the pogo s2 cells plug-in also has the option to draw a 20 metre radius around existing POI so that you can see if it’s too close, however, rather than ignoring it, move it, POI are often still accepted when the location marked is 10 metres from where it actually is, there are many here that are 40 metres from where they should be.


Right, indeed. I know a PokéStop that is at least 75 metres away from where it should actually be. I tried to move it to the right place multiple times, so that I could add another stop, but the Wayfarers keep rejecting that for some reason. :man_facepalming:


I might have an old version of that plugin, I don’t find this option, but thanks for letting me know, I’ll go look for this, that would make it easier :grinning:


I wasn’t able to test this with the mentioned chapel, but I had other POIs like this. And just today I got one accepted a second time (I had moved it a bit, and this time it is already added to Ingress and should be ported to the other games some time this evening. :star_struck:)
So thanks @Robdebobrob, this might bring us some more stops when I resubmit those “accepted but never added” POIs :grin: