Niantic stop a little bit with legendary raids


I would like a non raid way to get them because my town is too small a playerbase for legendaries. I personally would like to see a quest system.


I haven’t heard of any plausible alternatives. Everything will end up breaking the game or be ineffective. If they implement a way to get the legendaries without having to depend on others, raids will become obsolete. Not to mention everyone will have hundreds of them. If they release the legendaries into the wild it would be so rare that rural players such as yourself will likely never get one.


Maybe a quest system where you could get just 1 as a pokedex filler.


Yeah that could work. But it would be a lot of work for niantic to implement a whole quest system (coding and balancing for rural players). Especially since this would only help rural players and since niantic has been ignoring you guys. Its not very likely.


Ok. I lost now my entire hope for getting legendary pkmn, just because it got released via raids. It’s getting colder and colder, so how are we supposed to get one??? I absolutely agree with title of this topic @Pepper4562