Niantic planned to drop support for 32-bit devices in August, but doesn't





Well, hopefully this is fixed very soon. I haven’t been able to play in well over a week and am pretty irked.

I’ve already came to the decision that I will no longer support them financially. I’ve been steadily giving them $20-$80 a month for almost four years now and had no problem doing so. Unfortunately, this (coupled with several other issues) has caused me to re-think that.


What you mean is not related. But it is a known bug. But if there is an new version available whit a fix, I will make an article how to download and install. It might be even today, if so it will show up in a few hours.

Keep in mind, the fact that the fix for such a big bug takes this long makes me think someone really screwed up big or so small it takes time to dig through all the code to find it.


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