Next legendary raid boss after cresselia

  • Heatran
  • Regigigas
  • Dialga
  • Palkia
  • Giratina (origin)
  • Azelf
  • Mesprit
  • Uxie
  • Other (please post)

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I’d prefer it be a Dragon that might have some use.
If it’s another useless one like the Rainbow Goose it will have me spending a lot more time catching anything and everything grinding Dust which is not such a bad thing as I’ve Powered a lot of things up to the max the last Month.


I think they’re going to be randomly generated like Community day was


Heatran seems kinda likely


Heatran should be one of the next ex-raid. Probably Dialga and Palkia too.
So, it leaves Giratina (origin), Manaphy, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit.
Regigigas will, probably, be given on a new special quests where we can get/use the 3 Regis to get him. (Kinda like the quest in the game.)


We will be on Deoxy has 3 unreleased forms and Niantic had the last EX boss out for a year.

Heatran and the others will most likely be standard tier 5 raid bosses.


Why would these three be EX Raids, neither of them make sense - Heatran is a minor legendary and the two already had their Distortion World friend in regular battles
Manaphy makes no sense to not be put in the quest, its the counterpart to Mew, Jirachi, Celebi and Shaymin in a a way
Darkrai will most likely come to EX after Deoxys finally leaves


They try to go on the same path as in the regular games, but not allways it’s posible.
I’m not shure what is more imporatant, that the mon’s are equal to the the regular game, or that they find a way to introduce them all in PoGo.
I would like to see them all, not important that they act in a different way.


it will be rayquaza


Again, Ray doesnt make sense since Don pairs with Ogre
Unless they do it because its red, green and yellow, like a christmas tree


Someone I know with inside info said it could be Darkrai, the two together being the Lunar duo. However, not sure how they would make this work being that Darkrai is a mythical.


Shiny Raquaza
Or they shake things up and put Jirachi lol


They might go for Shiny Ray as I’m sure Raid Pass sales have plummeted from Giratina to Rainbow Goose.
I see lots of people struggling to get responses for help to do Rainbow Gosse Raids on local Discord.
Like myself a lot have got their 1 or 2 and and don’t care about doing anymore. Everyone who doesn’t have Shiny Shnix is chasing those with the Free pass and not wanting to use a Paid Pass on the Goose after.


Niantic definitely chose the worst two legendaries to kick off Sinnoh tier 5 raids. I’d take any unreleased shiny variant or any of the remaining meta relevant Sinnoh legendaries.


They need to bring back both groudon and rayquaza for the month…with their shinies


Giratina has potential if it gets better moves in the future


Giratina’s other form with good moves could be useful


I don’t want them together for a short time. I want to have a fair old crack at doing a heap of these, especially Groudon as I don’t have many good ones of these.


I still say is going to be a mix of all the level 5 raids we’ve had this year


My bet’s on Rayray or Groudon.

Cresselia was a surprise, but still, this Gen IV rollout is taking some time…