New items, systems suggestion that can help improve Pokemon GO



@Dinsara92 I totally agree with your ideas.


Hah can u(Niantic)add breeding option is some respects on pokemon


Bike is to dangerous and will NEVER be in the game. Playing Pokémon GO on bike/car in real live is deadly


We need a Pokemon center.


That would be a great idea.
Somewhere you could take your mons to heal them if you don’t have potions / revives by leaving them there for extended periods of time & also to train them;

  1. To increase CP or IVs
  2. specifically increase one of their stats etc

But it would be good for it to take a long time, e.g increasing 50CP takes a week - with a maximum of 4 weeks in the centre before you need to have it back for a week - will deter bots from placing 100%ers in to max them out quickly.
It has probably been suggested already so apologies if it has :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the idea of increasing a single stat, not a huge fan of increasing CP this way. It lends itself to cheating.


We got one…


Pokemon centers should be 1/100 pokestops and you can heal one pokemon there. There is also a stop that only gives potions and revives.


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