Name a pokemon!




Don’t have


I have those for sure, will send them, @Branebs 1/2 chance.


Lapras (100% chance of you having this)


Ok I have that you don’t want to know how much time and money it took


and Mewtwo




Why 1/2 chance?


Might have it, might not


What about Charizard?


@Pokemon you gotta make a list of all your figurines, so that you know what you have and what you’re missing. You have many duplicates in your collection. Did you forget what you had and accidentally bought duplicates or was that on purpose?




Not how it works.
I buy a pack of 144 online, they give you figures and some are more common than others.
I would have to be in Japan or Singapore to purchase individual figures


What ones do you need


I’m getting another pack of 140 with a hope of getting like 10 new ones.
I don’t keep track of the 700 ish I have


Where do you keep them and what are you going to do with all the duplicates?


I keep the strong ones (80) in first shelf of my bookshelf, the legendaries/mythicals (50) on top shelf, a large amount of randoms in a box ( 500), and box sorted by type ( 150), and starters, evolutions, and mega evolutions, (80)


Duplicates are kept.
Also I keep giants up top also, about 20.
Coolest one actually squirts water.


Wow! When will we see your entire collection? So many Pokemon to photograph! Maybe you should photograph them in groups of 9?


I will make a topic pokedex order when I get my nexg batch in like 3 weeks.
Most recent one I got is a large, beatiful alolan raichu.