NA regional chat


Well I want the rams to win in the super bowl and you should know why…


Not going to happen bud lol


They have to win. La is the best !!!


Well we won last year so it’s definitely possible


We’ll just have to see what happens


I don’t really care, but honestly just don’t want the patriots to win.


We get Rams-Patriots Super Bowl rematch. Last time Rams were in Super Bowl, they lost to Patriots who won thier first Super Bowl.


It’s go in to be a repeat


In our 2nd super bowl we lost then last year we won against the patriots…


The Patriots lose just as many Super Bowls as they win, so Rams have a good shot.


Welp. Go Rams. lol


Is this a futball-thread, or what’s going on?


It is now lol


That’s all we care about in ‘Murica.


Football and Pokemon.


Lol did not know that’s we’re you at


We got a new batch of recruits at work and they are fascinated by having to take me around in the patrol vehicle to catch Pokémon. A lot of them are half my age, so they grew up with Pokémon. I think I’m inspiring a few to start playing POGO.


Seeding the next gen of players


So who is going to win on Sunday?


Rooting for the Rams, but picking the Pats by 3. :frowning: