Mystery box and incense dont qork



I’ve email niantic before, many times, and they’ve taken to ignore me now. Everytime I use incense, lures, or open a mystery box, no pokemon appear. Everything else happens but the the pokemon spawning. One other weird thing is that my timers all start at 27 min and 22 sec. Not the allotted 30 min. I’ve opened at least 10 mystery boxes with no spawn of meltan, and I’ve done 5 or 6 incense with nothing appearing. Getting really really frustrated because everyone around me has no prob and again niantic just doesnt care and now ignoring me because I probably have emailed them over 30 times with then responding to a few but with the same answer, that’s it’s me and me connection, but that most definitely is not the case


Dam man sorry don’t know what to tell you never seen this


When youre walking arround with friends, do you see the same pokemon as them? Or do you see none/different ones.


Have you contacted Niantic support?


Looks like a shadow ban due to using third party software (like having cell phone with login for 100 accounts or using services that are not allowed, like fake gps or IV checking features).
Haven´t got any mystery box, but incense even works on my distant family home that is on a dark spot where there aren´t any pokemon over a 3km wide location.


The only additional things that come to my mind (except for connection issues or a shadow ban) when I hear this:

  • Have you checked that you have a stable GPS signal? There won’t be any spawns without it, because it’s needed to determine the pool of available Pokémon and a potential weather boost
  • Is there a problem with your device’s clock? (like it’s two minutes off or something like this). If so, try using network to determine time zone and time automatically


Hey thank you all for the advice. Some one may have gotten it right with the phones time system. I checked and it wasnt set for automatic, which is weird because I never change time settings. But I put it for auto and I tried an incense and so far it works. Will have to wait seven days for the mystery box though.


I do not care about Mystery Boxes. I’m not going to buy a Switch just to get Meltan.


Yep, the Clock Settings do it every time. I had to help someone else about that in my raid groups.


I got the switch for other reasons would never buy just for meltan. It’s a fun system with a few good games. Good for family.
Again thanks all wish niantic support was as good