Multiple Quick/Charge moves


thats why i posted the link? lolwhat


I don’t have answered to your link, but to your previous post.


people dont normally search topics. they would just make a new 1 and think it never been talked about. No one is searching my old topics just to look, but since i linked it they might. :muscle:t5:


:rofl: Good luck with Niantic :fire:


Knowing them, their busy making the game look better. Busy with PVP. Other stuff we don’t even comprehend or they could be waiting for an email.:man_shrugging:t5:


Nope. Busy with Celebi and Gen 4. Then there will also, be a new feature maybe alongside gen 4 (like weather last year) but before pvp.


Imagine Blissy with Dazzling Gem and Hyper beam

or Tyranitar with stone edge and crunch


Did i call this? or did i call this. How many more of my ideas been implemented, and are still gonna get implemented.



lol @ anyone who said this would be overcentralized. :crazy_face::sneezing_face:5God stay dropping Gg’s


Thank @Thorend and @Jormdeworm for not closing my topics, all my my topics bring light to Niantic. This can now finally be closed due to in coming to Go.


:astonished::money_mouth_face: @5GodLink we are heroes


When you use 2 charge moves in a gym, after your first battle against a Pokemon, it goes away if you switch out or go to the next Pokemon, so… a lil buggy still?


I used my Gyradoses in a raid this morning with 2 charged attacks. I kept using crunch and outrage and never used the hydro pump though.