More Bonus Rewards on Raids


Why though, this would discourage people from low-manning legends


I mean if it were a Main/core Pokémon game I would agree that since it’s one of the core aspects of the game type advantage is one of the things that make it enjoyable. (but also battling with one of your favorite mons despite the type advantage or disadvantage is pretty enjoyable as well). And with this game if I’m raiding a t5 with my raiding group I know I’m going to beat it with plenty of time to spare so it’s easier to go with the recommend mons instead of creating a team.


But you could get an extra boss defeated per hour if everyone put in their best pokemon against it.

While Rayquaza was out, I was doing raids with 1-2 other people and kept smashing it, meanwhile another group of 8+ players were taking so long to win each one that we were often getting 3 or 4 defeated in the time they did 1.


@digitaljdl this is true, but I almost always raid t5 with 8 to 19 people so time is never an issue. When rayquaza was out we were done with the battle and moving on to the next one in a flash and half of us used the recommended team


Most of the time where a group of 4-5 and we usually have about 70 to 80 seconds left on timers


I did Rayquaza with 3 accounts and was done with 175 seconds left



Honestly didn’t look at how much time was left on the timer when we were doing rayquaza, tbh I never look at how much time is left.