Mewtwo: share your catches!


Where I live is very rural only have 5 gyms and few stops :pensive: I raid everyday but 3 gyms are at high street another 2 are quite far apart. I doubt it will be any raid in my area.


Where about some in London do you play I will be there in half term so about 3 weeks


I only have 2 in my WHOLE area
I can walk amd walk and walk and i only have 2 gyms
I cant even do 4/5 star raids


I mean, where I am I have no gyms in walking range, but about a 15 minute drive away there is a small old town with a bunch of gyms, I only have one stop within reasonable walking distance.


What is the app do you use?? Is it compatible for iPhone??


It is as those gyms are not really near where I live but a bit of walking or riding the bicycle to each gyms.


I use Calcy Iv and i do not know about iphone I use a Samsung 7


Yea that is kinda rural 5 gyms and a few stops in his whole town.


I call that urban LOL


Why does it always feel like people are comparing themselves to see how rural they are like OMG you have 2 stops and a gym LOL your urban. Like its some kind of elite badge of honor.


I have 2 gyms and 3 stops


So in that sense someone who doesn’t have any and has to go a city would call your 2 gyms and 3 stops urban.


Yeah but he said 5 gyms is very rural


Its very rural to him and alot of people would agree.


If i’m going to play properly i always to to either Regents or Holland park, loads of stops very close together


Found this, hopefully it work too! image|500x500



Yes, it works. I use it too.


Has Many features, including iv calculator and doesnt break ferms of service


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