Mewtwo: share your catches!


i got 2222 on friday. This saturday got another on the way.


All the families 4 accounts got Ex Raid Passes for Mewtwo on the weekend just been. The others couldn’t make it due to a kids birthday party on at the same time so I had to do all of them.

I managed to catch it on mine this time for my first one. I also caught the 2 kids ones including a 93% with 15 Attack and but was unsuccessful on the Wife’s.
With having to catch them on all 4 one thing was very clear and obvious. The actions/behaviour of the one that used up all the Balls and run was a lot different to the 3 I caught either first or second ball. It was movining around heaps and no matter how much I waited or tried to time the throw it would move the moment I let go of the ball. Half the throws out of the 10 ended up being duds.
We’ve Passes on all 4 for anther Ex Raid this coming Saturday at a Gym I visited for the first time every to do a Rayquaza Raid on the way home from work.


1 more for my collection. Next is Nxt week:slight_smile:




you… powered up all of them?


Yeah, i try and keep them in pairs


Is Mewtwo as easy as Rayquaza?




MewTwo is a lot easier, because everyone goes out of their way to ensure that every hit is super effective. Can do a MewTwo with 4 people (maybe even 3 if you tried hard enough).


Depends on if it has Focus Blast or not
If not, you just spam Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch
If it does have Focus Miss, you do the same but have bigger losses


Caught my 2nd Mewtwo on my account yesterday along with the ones on the other Family accounts. One of the kids had the best CP 89% out of the whole group doing the Raid.

My Mewtwo


So how many MewTwo raids have you done in total now?


I will power up my 15/13/11 if I wont get a better one next saturday


I’ve done battles for 5 Ex Raids now but only 3 on my own account.


My first Mewtwo was captured on january 24th 2018

Now I have three Mewtwo, two of those were weather boosted


im 5 out 9

Missed the group only had 1 person

Bet i got something outta those Errors​:smirk::smirk:


Somone did focus blast with 3(!)


100% catch rate so far. Had 6 invites. Had to miss the 5th, but got to go to the rest. Super lucky!


My cousin caught a 98% today