Mewtwo: share your catches!


I want that mewtwo to! Only know 2 players


Holy crap is he easy to beat and catch


Got this a couple of weeks ago but thought i would share my catch still!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yes, easy enough to beat. If it’s got Focus Blast you’ll use a few more Pokemon.
Catch rate is way easier than other Legendary.


My life is ruined… Ma family got Mewtwo. They did a raid. I was thinking(i dont need another mawile)
Then they got invites.
My life is totaly ruined


You wouldnt be guaranteed to get the invite tho




I’ve been very lucky with EX raids so far & have one this Sunday :upside_down_face:


What do you think is a better fast move for Mewtwo, Confusion or Psycho Cut?


I personally prefer psycho cut because of its speed, but it’s down to whether you want a more powerful attack in confusion that’s slower, or a faster but less powerful attack in psycho cut.


i cant really dodge with confusion


Yeah, it’s a lot harder to avoid an attack with confusion as a quick move because of how slow it is.


Maybe i should change Hitta to Psycho cut idk i have another Ex and plan to have that one know PC/SB


I have one with psycho cut/shadow ball and the other with confusion/psychic


I like confusion sometimes cause of the damage tho. Such as on gyradose and fighting pokemon.

Shadow Ball seems weak at times but its because im expecting it to hurt like focus blast . My next Mewtwo hopefully is 100IV


The main reason why I have those movesets is to offer some variety when battling. I use one to counter other psychic types, while the pure psychic type MewTwo hits hard but slowly. As you can see, both are 82% but I do hope that you get a 100% MewTwo next time


Mewtwo could of used another fast move. He’s suppose to be the Champ! idk what move but im sure someone can think of one.

edit- Focus Blast vs Tyranitar most the time is 1HKO or 2HKO (one focus blast and one fast move)


All low level (hopefully the EX raid this Sunday will change that :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:) but a Mew Two is a Mew Two right…! :smile:


Got 2206 this saturday