Mewtwo: share your catches!


Weird thing it that level 40 (4 of them in my city) are unable to catch it with 12 ball.
Did you noticed EX Raids being harder at level 40.


Got EX Raid invite, but i had to sit in school during duration of raid… EX Raids suck a lot


That’s what I don’t like about the Ex Raid system. 1 small window of opportunity that you might have no chance of being available for. On top of being lucky enough to get the invite in the first place.


NO it’s isn’t the most densely populated place


Just a lvl 24 beginner, but I had two ex raids :relaxed:
Really happy with them, even though they are “only” 84% &87%


I don’t know whether to be happy for you or deeply upset that my MewTwo Raid On Friday will result in it running away (probably):frowning:


Oh, you’ll catch it! I’m sure!!!
2nd mewtwo was catched with the last ball :see_no_evil:
First one was easy, oddly enough.


After 2 Months, I have done it!


That’s a result! Really nice, well done!!!


Good thing the shadow ban dropped off before the EX raid!


Yeah, literally 12 Hours before!


Oh, look! Look at my Pokedex! Thanks, amazing ex raids!!!


Don’t want to burst your bubble, but number 151 is Mew not MewTwo


My mistake. Number 150 is empty as well.


Finally got a ex invite from the sprint store in new york


Congrats! Hope you catch it, and that everything goes well!


I got mewtwo.only 6 players showed up but we manage to beat him with 10s remaining


We’ve got 4 out of 5 Mew2’s from the last 2 weeks now.
One of the Kids ran today. I’m have to wear it as I did the Raid and attempted Capture. I only had 7 Balls to work with and only had 1 dud throw. All Gold Razz/Curve combos with 1x nice, 1x excellent and rest great throws. The CP was poor so it’s not like a good one got away. I feel for the L40 Guy that had a 98% run away with no missed throws.
I dragged the Wife out to do her own which might have been a good thing as she caught a weather boosted 2837CP 98% one.
Shes been told she’s doing mine next week as I have not had a great IV anything from any Raid since Entie.


Does weather boosted Mewtwo come out at level 25? I personally kind of hope not because that might make it too difficult to defeat and it would be so annoying to get an EX raid pass and then lose it because of weather…


Yes, but raid bosses have (I think) level 40 anyways, so only his attacks get boost, and after the battle he WILL be level 25
But he’s easier to catch than a TTar