Mewtwo EX Raid Report


The Raid Occurs in a Park but not a sponsored gym. The Raid Starts, there are about 20 people there. I check The moves. C/HB. We split up to two groups. Mystic(12), Valor+Instinct(5Valor,3Instinct). It seems that EX Raid Passes prefer mystic players. We beat it down. I got 10 Premier Balls. My CP was 2219. I caught it With My second ball. It’s IV was 78%, 15/10/10 (ADS). I’m gonna Power it Up because it’s my first Mewtwo


Finally got my first EX raid yesterday.
We held down the gym with team Valor and I got 12 balls.
My first Mewtwo (CP 2240) ran away… :cry:
I threw golden razz every time and got curve great or curve excellent.
It wasn’t meant to be…
Was one of the two that didn’t manage to catch it out of about 15 people.


So much excite, then so much disappoint.
I think we have someone on our local Discord that got invites for the first 2 we had, and has 0 Mew2.
It’s an running joke where his close mates refer to him as NoMew2.


That’s really sad!
I’m actually lucky enough to have another invite for the 24th, but I will be in France while the invite is for the Netherlands…
Hopefully I’ll find someone to finish the raid and catch it for me.


I dont get ex pass because i never seen ex raid in Chicago and i battle raid
All day i play Pokemon go and i Will niantic spotted ex raid in Chicago OK!!! ,