Mewtwo: Best Attack Team Damage Output; Resource to our last strength folks. Share your attack team if possible x



It’s funny looking back over these old posts. My Pokémon are so much better as well as my knowing how to use them correctly now. Haha


Good thread mine this one.
I’ve done 10 MewTwo Raids and missed 2 for a 9/10 catch rate.
I’ve only just recently started using my Gengars which are relatively weak CP wise atm but I’m constantly building some up and chasing Gengar Raids trying to get 96% or above to complete a better battle squad.
This is all in order to join in on the 3 man MewTwo racing we have in our local group. I could use my Double Dark Tyranitars but the ultimate is Gengar for quicker times.
Here’s where I’m at currently.


Cool gengars, Ive just recently finished my two for last week’s EX. We had double next to each other and had an honor to do the splitting so took a chance to do with only 3 other fellow trainers, had ~50s to spare hopefully 3 man next time. This is what Ive used:


Getting there slowly. Have taken a detour using around 300K Dust on Kyogre Counters recently. I’ll get back to the Gengars later. I’ll max the 93 out but not the others. I’ll hold out for bigger IV Gastly or return of Gengar Raids.


I do like gengars but they are not my most favorite ones so I maxed only 2/3 SC/SB, last one is just like 60%. I have few others but cannot justify on spending that much resources on weaker version, do you think its worth investing so much in multiple gengars? I dont want to sound cocky or anything and it was purely in a form of banter but last week I shared a video of me deleting L20 100% gengar. They are super awesome but without shadow claw they seem more like just a glass without cannon :slight_smile: what are your thoughts?


Without a doubt Shadow Claw is the best Fast Attack Move. Even with Shadow Claw Gengar is still the one that deals out the most Damage against MewTwo even with Hex or Sucker Punch as those 2 are on Par with each other. Sucker Punch Charge Move.
The only 2 real reasons for Powering up Gengar.

  1. Self satisfaction / collection
  2. MewTwo racing. If you’ve got a group of mates that Raid a lot together and get Ex Passes for the same Raid it’s good for a bit of fun to have a MewTwo race in small groups to see who can win the quickest. Teams of good Gengars will get you the edge over those using Bite/Crunch Tyranitars or Rayquza and Drgonite with Double Dragon moves.


Both are very valid points. Good luck on your quest :relaxed:


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