Mewtwo: Best Attack Team Damage Output; Resource to our last strength folks. Share your attack team if possible x



Hello hello,
I am exhausted of the past 3 weeks fiancially, physically & mentally lol. However im running down to my last stardust, candies & streght to prepare the Mewtwo raids. I guess I wont be using most of my dust for Zapdos, Lugia or Moltres for that matter; im not sure I love or hate Niantic right now haha.
So onto our main point: what is the best damage output to take out Mewtwo asap. Im the spaming type, I would rather rejoin with another 6 to deal more damage than sticking with a blissey so here are my top picks below. I already read the Go Hub guide and its pretty awesome, but this is rather a layout I did to know exactly how much damage I will do. I thought its useful for some of you perhaps. These numbers are based on Go Hub database.
Also needed to mention that Mewtwo will take double damage from Bug, Dark & Ghost. And good damage from Fight & Psychic.
The bar from left to right are:
Name Attack. Defense. Stamina.

Tier 1: (also matching with Go Hub guide)
Mewtwo: 300 182 193 (Confusion/ Shadow Ball)
Tyranitar: 251 212 200 (Bite/Crunch& Stone Edge)
Pinsir: 238 197 130 (Fury Cutter/X-Scissor)
Gyarados: 237 197 190 (Bite/Crunch)
Scizor: 236 191 140 (Fury Cutter/ X-Scissor)
Pinsir: 238 197 130 (Fury Cutter/X-Scissor)
Houndoom: 224 159 150 (Snarl/ Foul Play)

Tier 2: (when the first 6 fainted the second round)
Dragonite: 263 201 182 (DT or DB/ Ourage)
Zapdos: 253 188 180 ( TS/TB)
Moltres: 251 184 180 (Fire Spin/ OverHeat)
Gengar: 261 156 120 (ghost & dark moves)
Alakazam: 271 194 110 (any/ Shadow Ball)

Tier 3: (please dont go there)
Umbreon: 126 250 190 (Feint Att/ Foul Play)
Lugia: 193 323 212 (Confusion/ Future Sight)
Snorlax: 190 190 320 (Lick/ Hyper Beam)
Blissey: No No No and No!

Tier 4: ( when you want other trainers’ notice)
Butterfree: 167 157 120 ( Bug moves)
Or any other Bug type or anything you want lol Inlost count here!

The reason I put Gengar to Tier 2 cuz I have absolute no interest in using him. He gets wrecked with 1 or 2 moves even with Lugia (mine was around 2000cp). I dont think this is a good option at all, in reality I dont think I can dodge that much. Not to mention all the lags. So use him by the last 50 seconds if you are desperate.
I think Zapdos & Moltres would be also good cuz of there amazing attack stat. Zapdos however is better. Dragonite & Zapdos are hoot overall attacker, ideally when all the 6 first mons get knocked off. Let me know if there is something I dont know about using a Zapdos here? Cuz I though it makes sense.
And no Lugia or Snorlax unfornately. Looking close at their attack stats just underwhelming.
Laying them out helps me so much. Hope it does the same to you.
For my team I think I will have: (soon to be powered = stbp)
First 6:
Tyranitar with >3000 Bite/Stone Edge
Tyranitar stbp with 2000cp atm Bite/Crunch
Gyarados with >2800cp bad IV thou, Bite/Crunch
Pinsir with around 2000cp FC/ XC
Scizor stbp with around 1700cp FC/ XC
Hondoom: either change moves on a 2000cp bad IV or power up another with good IVs and change his moves as well. Never had a dark moves Hondoom for me.

Next round to rejoin the battle:
Dragonite >3200cp with DT/ Outrage
Dragonite >3000cp with DB/ Outrage
Zapdos stbp yes I will lol!
2 Gengar around 2000cp with ghost& dark moves
2 Alakazam with confusion& psycho cut/ future sight

Let me know your Top12 contenders please or maybe something else my battle strategy is lack of?
Cheers guys!


My top team would be my 3 Tyranitar ( bite and crunch), 2 Houndoom (snarl and foul play) and a Blissey to hang in. However, with the exclusive raid system I will never see a Mewtwo. That’s a fact.


When Mewtwo has Focus Blast as Charged attack you’re doomed with a Tyranitar army.


Hope for the best! Thats why when these legendaries are over Inwould like to take a break! So much efford consumed for me lol


Hey! Just wondering if Crobat with Bite/Shadow Ball would be any good. Thoughts?


Crobat doesn’t have great stats and even with the right moves wouldn’t be a great choice.


I would focus on Ttar with Bite/Cruch as it will do super effective damage and will have the best HP, defense and resistance.

I like Scizzor with double bug moves because steel resists psychic and big is super effective. Snorlax with luck/hyperbeam is good too due to super effective fast move and general beefiness. Gyarados with bite/crunch would also be a good choice.


Mewtwo DOES NOT take “good damage” from Psychic and Fighting. In fact, it resists these types of attacks.


4 X 3600 96-98IV level40 Tyranitars with B/C and B/SE
1 2581 level 39 100 IV Gengar. Sc/Sb
1 2521 100 IV level 33 Scizor with FC/XS


I’m using 3231Ttar B/Se 3211TtarB/SE 2754Ttar B/C 3015 Gyrados B/C 2350 Scizor FC/X 2250 Houndoom S/FP. Then my #2 team is gonna be 3Dragonites 3000cp avg all with DT/O and I have a Lugia or maybe Zapdos I was thinking about. So many options…


I’m not good enough at dodging for Gengar! I did however like the tip about putting it in your 2nd team for Damage in the last 30 seconds if needed! Going to do that just in case! I am sure you have good Dragonites. What are your thoughts for its use.


Dragonite is good attacker for anything. Pretty up there even hugher than Ttar. Good health as well and easy to pick if you put CP sorting in the lobby.


Im going for a different strategy altogether. Usually you can watch the auto pick choices and see what the charge move is. I would imagine it will auto pick Gengars if Focus Blast is present, as focus blast from Mewtwo would destroy Tyranitars, Same with Shadow Ball and Gengar, And Alakazam would do greatly reduced damage in this raid, so skipping that as well, As long as I don’t detect Shadow Ball, I will lead with Gengars, and 2 Scizor. Quick DPS, and then bring in the Dark squad on the second round. In undermanned raids in our area, it seems like we get knocked out around the Halfway point. Once you know the moveset, you can return with adequate attackers. I am lucky and have quite a few Houdoom from the fire event, so I TMd a couple into Dark Sets. Same with Bug Pinsirs and Scizor. Ttar will always be a fallback plan, but again, if it knows Focus Blast, good luck…


Would Arcanine with Snarl / Crunch be any good for Mewtwo?


Arcanine attack stat isnt amazing!


I think I will open with Gengar since he is the highest dps vs Mewtwo. Also, Gengar
will do ok versus Focus Blast since he resists fighting. But obviously the bulk of
attackers will be Tyranitar unless Mewtwo has focus blast.

I don’t think Lugia or Zapdos will do very well, as soon as you get another Mewtwo
with Shadowball you will be able to use it against Mewtwo pretty effectively.


I think I’ll use these ones.
Need a couple more charge TM’s and I can turn a couple of Fire Blast into Stone Edge to join the squad.


How do you have so many?! The only issue is if MewTwo has Focus Blast, which is why I’m using Scizor instead.


The 2 areas I play in the most have Larvitar in very good frequent spawn rates. The ground event had them every where in big numbers. Before Niantic changed things and scanning programs worked well a group of us used to hunt in packs (3-4 cars with 2-3 in a car) scanning different areas and were able to cover a fair bit of ground. Networked with telegram we would just go from Larvitar to Larvitar for 4-6hrs a night on the weekend. Pinapping every single one from day dot helped the candy count too. We did the same for Dratini before Larvitar came out.

I miss those day, they were so fun.


Weak to psychic though might be an option against focus blast…