MAXed Out (Fully Powered up L40 Pokemon only thanks)



While I’m at it I’ll do Groudon and Kyogre.
I did poorly with these. When Groudon first came out I wasn’t Raiding much and when it came back I couln’t get out for Raiding much either. My catch rate on Kyogre is very poor at less than 50%. No Pokemon has made me as frustrated and salty as this one. Couldn’t get good CP’s and the few times I did get something that might be good it would run after using all 10-12 balls. Both times the enjoyment of doing them evaporated real quickly.


Time for some Dragons
I got another worthy Dragonite to join this group at some stage from a 98% Dratini during the 3hr special, pity it wasn’t Shiny. My third Legendary Raid on the day they were first released and my first Lugia Raid gets to join the L40 Max Club. Yes I was stupid enough to walk it for a bit too. Much has been learnt since then.


Over 41 million. Yes, it cost a lot of Stardust. I don’t trade all that much, only for regionals and any Legendaries my husband missed out on. I have a list of more that I intend to fully level up. It’s about the same size as this list.


Deal with it.


I sure can


It’s Gary Time.
I’ve got quite a few Gary’s with a range of moves. Sadly I was a late starter to the game and despite busting my gut collecting and walking Magikarp all 4 evolutions never gave me Dragon Pulse before it became a Legacy move.
I did just over 70 Magikarp Raids in hope of getting a big IV Shiny for a good Red Gary before giving up on that dream.
These 3 with a mix of Move Sets will have to do.


@Gary_oak :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only 3 More installments to go and I will be complete with what I’ve currently got.
I wont post a pic of every single one of these as I have 12 Maxed Out all up and a few are Identical. I’ll post them by Move Set and differing CP.

I Bring you the Dark Lords

The Bite / Crunch Team of MewTwo Destroyers : There’s 6 of these

Smack Down / Stone Edge: There’s only 2 of these while others are being worked on but with Rampados Coming I’m not sure if they will get Maxed Out. Will have to see how plentiful Cranidos are in my Area as I’m in the right Biome.

Bite / Stone Edge: Before Smack Down these were the Bomb. 4 of These with 2 being identical


Hanging on to my 2 Sinnoh Stones atm. Got these ones already Maxed out ready for evolution.


Saving the best for last. All up between Ex Raids and T5 Raids I did 152 MewTwo Raids and could not get a 100% Cat. Never got a great one from Ex Raids so had to settle for some Ok ones with Shadow Ball. Powered 6 up to the Max with 3 move sets.


I only realised on the weekend when a caught a wild Haunter that I had forgotten all about Clafairy’s Shadow. I have Maxed out Gengar sadly not Shadow Claw.


@NotanotherKangaskhan I think craindos will be a community day also !
And remember that not only does it have much more attack, it has the best rock moveset possible.



Cranidos isnt athree-stager, starter nor a rare Mon


hopefully you are right about the rare mon thing


Just like Omanyte or Anorith


I never see those pokemon.



Nice work @Branebs
I like the Maxed out Dog and would love to Max out one of mine someday but other things are taking priority atm.
I need to do an update as I’ve added 2 more to the list. Well 3 if you count evolving the Maxed out Rhydon to Ryhperior but technically it’s really 2 as I no longer have a Maxed out Rhyhorn.