MAXed Out (Fully Powered up L40 Pokemon only thanks)



Here’s a thread to show off your Pokemon that are Fully Powered Up to the possible L40 maximum they will go to.
Obviously 100%ers will go the highest for their type but lets not draw the line there as Fully Powered Lesser %IV are still worth showing off for all the effort that gone into them.
I’ve got quite a few so I’ll drip feed them in a few at a time.


I’ll kick off with the first 3 Gen Fire Type Starter Evolutions.


Need to get to level 38 quick now :- D






Some great looking Pokémon everyone.

I’ve only got the Gen 1 and 3 Starter Evolutions Powered Up to the Max. I have the Gen 2 in 100% as well but that has a long way to go.


I’ve only got the 1 Water Starter evolution Maxed Out. I’ve got a very small CP 100% Blastoise and sadly no big IV Gen 2 line. This one has eluded me so far.



Lol i forgot to post my 100% Venusaur with Frenzy plant.


Very nice magoose6. I’m looking forward to getting my Metagross to the same.

I’ve had these Girls Maxed out for a quite a long time now. They served me well until everyone started getting Mewtwo with Focus Blast. They always get a run when I’ve got a fair idea the Gym’s going to be attacked again within minutes. A few Goldies for those that want to try usually puts them off so I get a few hours at least.


I’ve never taken notice before but have now.
Blissey’s weight is very disproportionate to her height as you look at her image. Take the last one at 1.73m and 55.73kg she should be tall and very skinny not medium to short and very rotund like her image suggests.


Average density perhaps?


Maybe she is just like a giant marshmallow?


As much as everyone hates them for being the games favourite recommend. I used a team of high CP ones on mine and the Family accts to do over 70 Rayquaza Raids without punishing the Revives using better Counters to only save around 20sec. I tried others in the beginning before it was clear Aggron was a good option.


Are you excited for the return of Raquaza, and its shiny form? : D


I wouldn’t so much say excited but I do have unfinished business with Rayquaza as I had a 100% run after the best group of throws I’ve done on any Pokemon.

Which while we are on Raquaza is a good opportunity to post the couple that I have that are Maxed out.


In the very early days when I started playing and knew nothing at all having not played any other Pokemon Game Vaporeon was my favorite and go to for most battles due to it’s tank.

In hindsight it could be considered I wasted a bucket of Dust on these but I had fun using them at the time and because they were already taken so far I Maxed them out a while ago.


To make an omelette you need to break a few Eggs :rofl::rofl:
The Egg with Solar Beam was always a favorite in the early days and did a good job against Kyogre.
I’ve got 3 Maxed out with some variation in move set. I have other 100%ers that need a lot of Dust.
Just like Machamp these look so much better over 3K.