Lugia and Ho-Oh raids are coming back this weekend, Dec 14 – 17 2018!



Luigia, Ho-Ho-Ho-Oh


These guys are having more come back tours than John Farnham (a joke that only Australians might understand).


I’m psyched. Hopefully there’ll be enough players still interested in them to form good raiding parties this weekend to capture a couple of 'em.


I’ll do some mostly for the rewards and feel much more rewarding than wasting time like the Rainbow Goose.
Still feel a bit cheated its not Shiny Ray / Groudon or a useful Gen 4 T5.


Shiny RayQ and Groudon will probably get an entire month just like Kyogre. (or atleast i hope so).
I guess this isnt the worst (cause Cresellia is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally boring) but them back again… meh.
Got both shiny so no need to go all out. Probably just the free raid passes.

I hate how we only get a 24 hour heads-up again though. For PVP (wich you can do from your home if you have ultra friends) we get 8 days notice, but for a raid weekend for wich you need to take up time, you barely get time to prepare/plan. I really hate this about Niantic and i hope they change this FAST.


you really only need to clear your schedule and prepare if you intend to buy a bunch of premium raid passes and drive around


Kyogre got only two weeks, a friend of mine couldnt even get a shiny despite raiding like crazy :sweat_smile:


Ah youre right. my mistake.


I want a shiny Lugia or Ho-oh


@5GodLink try to get that shiny Ho-oh, you don’t have it, right??


Time to hunt, havent been out as much. Now this might interest me.


They’re back-back-back-back-BACK AGAIN!!

Lugia is one of my favorite Legendaries, despite it being a real bear to catch–rather throw at. Plus, I’m good on Cresselia. I have a 93% right now, and I’m 21 for 21 for Cresselia. That’s a good time to call it a day for Cresselia. I’ve wanted to try a new throwing technique for Lugia so this is a good opportunity.


Kyogre when it returned was only around for two weeks during the Water Festival, so I suspect that a return by them will be for the same time period so they can return to new Legendaries.


You got it im so proud bro


Stupid white rock pier rules state no dogs, so I couldn’t do my pokedex lugia raid, like what is a dog gonna do?


Welp, i ended up being ill this weekend so i didnt got to do any Lugia/Ho-oh. Ill maybe do 1 of them today if im feeling up to it but im still not feeling 100%.


Wasn’t very successful this weekend either… I was looking for a shiny Ho-Oh, but the only Ho-Oh raids were so early in the morning we weren’t able to get a group together, and when there were enough people available, raids turned out as Lugia or - even worse - Cresselia…
Everyone in our group was so disappointed (except for one who finally got his shiny Lugia) by this weekend. I know raids are still going on today, but today is a working day, which makes it hard to find enough people.


Indeed. Too many Cresselia raids, but I managed to finally get a shiny Ho-oh after 54 raids (counting the special Ho-oh weekend a few months ago), and 4 shiny Lugias out of 29 raids (same, counting the past Lugia weekend). Shiny Ho-oh was definitely hard to get for me.


Oh, but I did get a 100% weather boosted Ho-oh, and I already had a 100% one from the past weekend. So, that makes up for the insanely rare shiny.