Level up report


Hohohoo, happy christmas, this was fast…


Just through raiding really, 20k XP per raid really progresses you


My son started playing on Christmas Day when he got a phone. Four days later and he is up to Level 15.



FINALLY, accidentaly hit it, since i wanted to hit on december 31st, so that just means delayed celebration with some fireworks! Welcome, club 30!


Welcome, here we are trying to enter the Club of 40…


Yea. In 4 years i will most likely be in club 40. Btw going to celebrate it with fireworks


Jijiji, I would like to do the same… in this moment I’m at 24k of level 33. I will try tomorrow to get it before the year changes…


Here it is…


Well done to all that have recently levelled up.
I miss that little bit of excitement and achievement when that next level is reached.


It’s not that special when you level up every 3 days, kinda gets boring after the 4th level up of the week


Baaah, you know very well how fast this will stop and will go much slower …


3 levels, one week


My son started the game on Christmas Day. 8 days later, he is Level 18.

My daughter started in July and she is close to Level 31.


I’m almost exactly where you are…38 to 39 is taking forever, but nothing compared to what 39 to 40 will be.

I’ve got a big mass evolution w/ lots of pokedex entries planned for my next seven day streak, so that should take a little chunk


I am still level 34… Not even far through it lol


My son hit Level 20 after his first successful Legendary Raid yesterday. Boy has only been playing since Christmas day and now he has a Groudon. Ho ho ho.


Lol I have been playing since July 2016 and I have no groudon


Lvl 36 to 37 in 37 days (June 21st -July 28th 2M EXP)
Lvl 37 to 38 in 118 days (July 28th - Nov 23rd 2.5M EXP)
Lvl 38 to 39 in 28 days (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st 3M EXP)

With the quadruple EXP event I burned through level 38 in 1/4th the time it took me to get through LVL 37. It’s been 36 days since I leveled up to 39. I’m sitting on 1.6M EXP. Only 3.4M to go! Based off my playing history it looks like I’ll be level 40 in 2-4 months!


Nice one. Use the community days to shorten that timeframe also :+1: