Level up report


Yay for double xp


I hit level 34 in a kind of rural area :smiley_cat:
Know that isn’t too great but I’m pretty happy :smiley:


I made it 36 last night :slight_smile: The double xp event and lucky eggs with a lot of evolves make that easier :slight_smile:


My daughter leveled up to 29 this morning. Used 2 of her Lucky Eggs afterwards and caught enough Pokemon while she was at school to get her 70,000 more XP. Only 280,000 more to go until Level 30!


Reached 38 on 11/22 - here’s to hoping for 39 before Easter!


Using the double XP and a lucky egg I’ve reached it…
26 days since I published the level 31


Wow! I also hit level 32 today! Congrats man!


As someone said earlier: basecamp reached, going for the summit now!


Well done to all those leveling up.


Yes. You are walking along a flat field up to level 20, up to 25 it’s a slight hill. By 30 it’s getting kinda steep and by 35 it’s getting really steep. By level 37 you need your climbing equipment to climb the cliff you have come across. By level 39 the cliff is vertical and then at level 40, the summit. You plant your flagpole and now are able to boast that you got that far, that you got the whole way up.


The main reason I am just level 34 is because I haven’t been grinding much.


Wooooo lvl 34, just took a little over 3 months of on and off playing


Finally reached the damn 35!!!


Good work. I haven’t. Basically because I haven’t been working on it. The last time I was on Pokemon Go was about 5 or 6 days ago. Waiting now for:

  1. Gen 3
  2. A way to get legendaries that is doable I.e not raids.


Legendaries without raids wont happen, sadly


Maybe eventually but likely not in the near future. They should add a quest system for people in towns without enough active players for legendary raids


Hit 33 right before Thanksgiving event, powered through to 34 during it, and got a good start on 35. Love that Double XP!!


Not levelled up just yet, but slowly making my way there. 500k Left


lvl 38 on 24 Nov, 2017