Level up report


Many thanks for this informations, I have not taken the data, but after one week I have had the same feeling: 50% run away.

My big problem is, I never have enough red balls… here are a lot of mon’s and the PoGo Plus is burning a hole in my bag.


I control my bag space by throwing Greats and Ultras when catching manually leaving the Red Balls for the Go Plus.
Yes there are plenty of occasions where the Red Ball count gets very low. When that happens I turn the get Pokemon function off and just let it flick stops and Gyms now now too.
I used to scrap lots of Potions and Berries. Feeding Pokemon in Gyms is great as anytime I need to reduce their numbers I just click on a Pokemon in a Gym and chuck a fruit basket at them collecting Star Dust and Gym XP at the same time.
I have a massive stock of Maxi Potions and Max Revives (over 500 combined) so I trash all the other potions and revives constantly. The inclusion of these in Raids has upset me as they are of no use.

I know where all the good ball run loops are in most areas so doing a few laps refills it quickly.

Another good tip for managing your bag space and being able to replenish it quickly is to not let any of the items get excessively low. Not sure if you’ve noticed when your out, or almost out of something the game doesn’t give those items up much and it takes a while to build up while everything is building up quickly. The Wife had her Ultra balls get below 20 while mine were over 100. Several nights in row I went down to the local loop and walked it for 90mins at a time with mine and hers device. I was getting 3-4 Ultras to her 1 until I had over 50 on her account than the frequency spun up started climbing.
The game AI knows what you need and makes you play longer to get it.


Yeah, I got it. I have had a low feeling of this, but never have tried to investigate. Thanks again


Got lvl 37 a few days ago. It took be almost exactly two months to go from 36 to 37


Got to level 38 a month ago. halfway to 39 now :smiley:


I need 100k before I get lvl 31. I should get that by Monday.


I hit Level 33 two days ago…I’ve heard from multiple ppl that you aren’t even halfway to level 40 until your partway through level 37…is that true?


Yes, you can see the xp per lever right here:


It takes 8 million XP to get through 39 and 40. 3 million for level 38-39 and 5 million for 39-40


That’s so insane! Makes me feel like I’ll never get there lol


It’s not as daunting as it sounds, I was able to do get the last 10 million XP in less than 3 months. I did spend money on raid passes, lucky eggs and incubators to do it, but it’s not impossible.


i only have to do 647 more legendary raids to level up!!! yayy!


(checkout) that’ll be $3269, please.


I enjoy the game and everything but I don’t plan on putting very much more money into it so because of that, it will defo take me forever to get there lol


Took a couple months… ugh! Maybe 33 by Thanksgiving? We’ll see how much I get out.


I reached lvl 31 yesterday sorry didn’t catch the ss


Level 33, almost 34. Will send screenshot of the level up.


Reached level 36 last Saturday!


Congrats! Takes lots of hard work together there


I’m looking forward to level up again, which will probably take a while.

And since the equinox event I finally hatched my first Aerodactyl!! (and also my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th :sweat_smile:)
It was the one pokemon I never managed to get.