Level up report


I hammered through 39 in 17 days. Legendary raids and lucky eggs made it possible. Good luck!


A question, from level 40 on, you still accumulate XP but there’s no upper limit shown?


In the Total XP section by your profile it will show how much you have over the 20M limit.


Ah, thanks, then it’s how I thought. So if any day they change their mind it will count for the way to 42… :smiley_cat:


Yes, but I have a feeling the Level 40 max is going to stay for a while or even forever.


I agree, but would be a nice joke.


I fully agree, 42 is my lucky number so that would be great for me😁


And what is the max level for a Pokémon?


I believe it is Level 38.5 or 39


Max level is 40 or 40.5 if i remember correctly


39.5 is Max for Pokemon if you power up normally.

I herd there was/is a cheat that could be done using some program on a computer to get another 0.5 or 1.0?


Used to be a glitch, but they removed so you can’t exceed the cap


And here it is…


Congrats man! Welcome to the 30 club!


Hahaha, many thanks, and maybe some day we will both in the 40’s club…


Maybe in about 3 years or so the two of us will make it there😂


3 years? That’s nothing, I will not even notice that the time has gone running…


Congrats @bagguille hard earned milestone for you!


Yeah, really, thanks. But now back in the city again and with a new friend (a Pokemon Go Plus), I hope the next stage will be easier and faster.


The Go Plus is a XP and Star Dust accumulating Machine.

I initially bought mine just for spinning Poke Stops on my daily commute to and from work so I didn’t have pull over/Park Car to flick the Stop all the time. As an experiment I decided to catch stuff while at work with it than that changed to catching to and from work as well as the stops. I only did this Mon-Fri. On weekends I threw balls manually while at Lures or Hunting.
I documented all the logs through the journal during during a 5 week period with the following results.

Grand Total
1308 Pokemon
749 caught @ 57%
569 ran @ 43%
126575 XP
74900 Star Dust

This was all pre New Gym System update. This was all Dust and XP that I couldn’t normally get.
I don’t use the Go Plus during work hours but every minute outside of work that I have Pokemon Go running on the Phone the Go Plus is on accumulating the Dust and XP.

The only thing you have to watch when hunting and having it on is clicking until you know what it is as you run the risk of that thing your chasing and desperately want dusting you off.
I never look at the Journal to see what I’ve missed. What I don’t know dusted wont upset me :grinning:
As it only uses Red balls, managing the bag space can be a juggle.