Level up report


With help from the event I Powered through 38 in only 9 days! Think lvl 40 is going to take me a bit longer :grin:


I made it to 36 today and haven’t put a cent into the game. These last few levels have been a grind, but still satisfying

Just a sliver under 2mil to the next level, so it will be a while


Base Camp Reached
Time to Climb the Mountain


Level 32 a little over half way there(profile pic is a little old), should be able to go xp crazy once im done moving


Congrats good luck with your continue to push toward level 40


Got level 35 yesterday :smiley:
I need way more pidgeys!
What are your ways to get a lot of exp during this event next to mass evolving?


Congrats @Ramisl

About the fast leveling, you’d better ask our masterlevelers @Thorend and @Mystic!


I kept running out of balls during the event. I’ve switched to my 7 year old daughter’s account and leveled her up from 8 to 13 in the last 24 hours.


Took the dogs for a walk. Now I have her up to Level 16 and really close to 17. Not a single Pokestop swipe yet. We will hit the gym next to our house later on today though. She has so many potions she will never use until later because her Pokemon are still too weak to attack gyms.


I just leveled my daughter’s account up to 17 catching random 'mons in the front yard. I see a lot of low 20 accounts in the gyms lately. Good sign that there are new players out there.


Level 37 to 38 in only 38 days (19 June - 27 July).


Went from level 36 to level 37 in 37 days!! (June 21st - July 28th)


was actually a while back but just made an account today:grin:
congrats to all of you guys!


40, whow, maybe one day I will step up to this level…


It has been 4 months… I have done it.


currently level 34, been stuck for a while no screenies sorry ):




so hard, not enough things evolve and lucky eggs, i’m trying :cry:


You can do it, get out and raid, catch, spin and evolve until you are through that level! If I can get through level 39 then you can get though level 34. Now go get that XP!


34 seemed like it took forever for me too…then I flew through 35 because of the double XP event and managed to knock out a chunk of 36…after my next evo spree, I should be about halfway through 36.

Best advice is to use those eggs wisely…have your Pokémon organized before you drop the egg so you can evolve one after another. Remember if you’re in a new area with a lot of poke stops you get 250 XP the first time you spin a stop and that’s a quick 500 Xp with an egg down.