Level up report


Only a little bit more than one million left for TL40🤩 I’ll probably be TL40 by the end of this month.


1m until I can max out my Pokemon. :star_struck:


It was though, but I finally got there. :star_struck: A Shiny Trapinch gave me the last XP’s I needed.

@Thorend, could I get the ‘Level 40 Club’ title? :smiley:
Edit: Thanks!


Congrats. :confetti_ball::tada:


Welcome to the club!


Hey, well done, I will need some time more. :ok_hand::clap::clap:


Less than me o guess. I need 8.035.000 xp for lvl 20.


Congratulations, you might want to name that shiny Trapinch as level 40 :grinning:




Forgot that I had 2 30.000xp quests from the jumpstart .:man_facepalming:


Your photo didn’t upload.




What is the jumpstart?


Jumpstart research, the questline that gives out tons of XP and a Dragonite


Thanks, all because my version of the game is in spanish…


You can change that if you want


I like it to complicate my life, hihi


Then change it to Japanese and set your phones language to Zulu :rofl:


I thought that the language depends on your phone language :sweat_smile:


You are Right, never looked add that. :man_facepalming: