Level up report


Home stretch @Jormdeworm


makes the game more enjoyable


Absolutely, but how can you get more xp from the new gym? Lol




Time ago I have leveled up to 39 (no screenshot here :tired_face: )

On the way to level 40 there are to make 3 000 000 XP. I hope to do it before 2020.


Isn’t it 5.000.000xp to get to lvl 40?


Yes, but I have made 2 millions since the change from 38 to 39, beg your pardon as not have been more precisely.


No problem.

I’m half way to 38


@bagguille wanna race to level 40? I need only 3 million exp to hit the 40 million mark


Race? HA, you don’t know that I can’t walk more than some steps? I need a stop and a gym under my nose to be able to race with you. :rofl::rofl:
But don’t worry, we race together, you win, and I will send you some congrats.


@Jormdeworm you wanna join? You only need 2 million though


Sure :). Since I’m going on holiday for a week again tomorrow it’ll probably be more fair.


I’ll join yall if that’s cool


@Cup you have less than 46000 XP to go. You should get that easily just during this quest.


Dont tell them that


Poor sportsmanship when they got a few million to go and you only have a few thousand.


@Cup, don’t you have about 730K XP to reach level 40?


Yup that’s y I wanted to race I would win


That is why i didnt invite @Cup lol

He was already too close

By the way i have 2 million to go, and I am slowly gathering gifts to have a lot of ultra friends and best friends at the same time (1 ultra 1 best now)


I need still 2.8 millions, but we will have a nice time with all these new animals of gen 5