Level up report


Time i join the Level 40 Club, was a long rollercoaster but now i am lvl 40

Would like to thank @Pokemon for 400K xp+


If only your XP was posted in the XP Megathread :wink:


Well i was reading what @Jormdeworm had said above me, and there are so many level topics :man_shrugging:t5:

club me like im fred


My bad. Not this topic. This one.




I need 30 minutes until my next like

But you have mine


Thanks to all who got me here:




AND @thinger95! Sorry bro


I leveled up! Level 38! Getting closer to level 40! :smiley: :top: :trophy:


:rofl: Congrats!
And at the famous valor gym! Good luck on the raid.


Actually, it was several hours before, during the day, but I didn’t have time to post it earlier.




Did you do the raid?


Yes, it was a Scyther. But my battery was getting seriously low and it started to snow so my phone screen was getting wet and it messed up everything so I couldn’t finish the raid. I’ll try another day, I really need a good Scyther.


@Pokemon, Congratulations


@Branebs, congratulations


I’m still too far down below to bother with Level :grin: Still have not touch the 30s mark…


So fast😱 didn’t Aspect this to happen


congrats buddy