Level up report


On my son’s account today:




I’m so close to Level 36. Less than 100K to go. I’m guessing about July 4, I’ll hit it.


Along with finishing my gen 1 & gen 2 dex today! It was a good one!


Hit Level 36 today. Can’t believe it’s 2000000 XP to get Level 37. I guess that will happen sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Finally hit Level 26 yesterday. Such a long way to go still, but at least with the gym rework and raids I find myself a lot more motivated to go out and play daily, so hopefully 27 won’t take another several months.


Nooo, you will see, 27 is quiet easy, the “real” problem is to go higher than 30. I’m now way to 29, I needed from 0 to 25 three month, but 1 and a half to go up to 28. Really it’s a potential curve, which goes from level to level more inclinated…


More information can be found here:


Thanks, @Cirithungolem, it’s really a good list.


Got it after doing a Raid and beating a Snorlax! Can’t believe I got got from 37 to 38 in under 2 months!


8 million to go!


You 2 guys are at 60% now … crazy!


Level 35…half way to 36 :blush: I’ve found this level is easier than 34 and I’ve been playing less :thinking:


Maybe because of the Fire and Ice event?


It’s like the rewards get worse as you go


Yaaaa, after weeks I have it…


Finally level 36 today! Articuno was my witness as you can see.


I just turned level 35 today! My strategy? Do a lucky egg mass evolution WHILE walking and using GO Plus to catch Pokémon and spin stops during your evolutions! I easily made 200,000 XP with one lucky egg during this event!
( I just got a go plus today, and it’s awesome so far!)


I’m thinking for weeks to buy one, really it seems valuable for his outcome…


Just reached lv. 34 tonight!! World event has really helped on the goal!!